Are your feet or ankles causing you pain?

It’s our job to make your dreams of walking, working, and playing in comfort a reality.

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Healthy feet for the whole family

We offer simple solutions for active adults, children, and diabetics.

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Orthotic Inserts

Slip into something comfortable…

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Modern tools, old fashioned attention

At Utah Valley Foot & Ankle, Dr. Clegg gives you the advantage of the latest technology, offering a wide range of leading-edge foot-care services.

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Foot & Ankle Conditions

With today’s technical advances in podiatric care, many foot problems can be treated quickly and easily, without the need for surgery.learn more

Family Care

Learn how you can maintain healthy feet for the whole family with simple solutions to a variety of problems.learn more

Diabetic Care

Diabetics are prone to special problems like foot lesions and infections, but with early diagnosis, we can help you avoid future diabetic foot problems.learn more

Utah Valley Foot & Ankle

Responsible, personal foot and ankle care for people from all walks of life…including yours.

When your feet hurt, nothing feels right. Painful feet make it hard to walk, to stand, to do just about anything. But do you know whom to ask for help? You probably go to your family doctor, who may not be a foot expert. Which is why many Utah physicians refer their patients to Utah Valley Foot & Ankle. They know that to get the best possible diagnosis, treatment and technical tools, you need to see a foot specialist. Dr. Clegg is an experienced podiatric physician with who has helped thousands of people find relief for foot and ankle pain and injuries, with only a small percentage of those patients ever needing surgery. You, too, can count on his extensive training and conservative nature.

“Robert says the treatment was the best he has ever had, and we look forward to having you for our foot doctor. We will recommend you without doubt to our friends and associates. We are glad you decided to come to Nephi for part of your practice.” —Robert & Nena Warner

“For many of our patients, life without foot pain seems like an impossible dream. It’s our job to make their dreams of working and playing in comfort a reality.”

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